…quick & easy hairstyles

adults-1853851_1920.jpgAs a teacher my hair needs to be up everyday to avoid nits so I have a bank of hairstyles I alternate between that take me under 5 minutes and last all day.

Classic Pony – using a Scunci Silicone Elastic a high or low pony can last all day with great volume, switch between a parting and brushed back parting for a completely different look

Side Pony – having a side pony can look so effortlessly chic, use a invisibobble if you don’t want a line left in your hair

Tucked Pony – take a low pony, split the hair above the band in half and poke your ponytail back on itself through the hole for a feminine twist

French/Dutch Plait – either one or two can look gorgeous and swap it up with plaiting to the very ends or just half way with loose ends

Side Plait – a fishtail or regular plait matches any outfit, remember to pull and loosen it out so it’s not too tight


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