…with wedding rings

When I went around wedding fayres I couldn’t believe the prices jewellers were quoting for a plain wedding band! So after lots of research we have both ended up with exactly what we wanted for under £100 each.

First decide a metal colour (yellow, white or rose gold, platinum, titanium, tungsten, palladium, silver, cobalt) then width of band in mm,  then the shape (court, D shape or flat), then the finish.

Next shop around. My first searches were at Argos, H Samuels, Ernest Jones, Goldsmiths, Warren James, F Hinds, Star Wedding Rings, John Greed and Etsy.

I ended up with a custom order from Diorrah Jewellery (Nish is amazing!) and my fiance ordered from Star Wedding Rings.


As for the finish you can choose all sorts of embellishments. My fiance didn’t want the classic polish as he’s not used to wearing jewellery so he wanted a brushed matte metal effect. Some websites (and our local jeweller) were charging £50+ to add this effect to a ring so instead we bought some steel brushes from the DIY section of Poundland and scratched his ring in a circular motion and ended up with a beautiful brushed matte finish! This can also be topped up in future in case it starts to polish again.

We can’t wait to wear them for the rest of our lives!



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